Be a part of the revolution. Be a part of The Great Indian World Trip. You can either be a Title & Trip Sponsor or share equal space with other brands as a co-sponsor.

We require your financial help for the following:

1. Vehicle
2. Vehicle Shipment - Logistics
3. Air Tickets for crew
4. Fuel & Spares
5. Food & Accommodation
6. Permits
8. Travel & Vehicle Insurance
9. Communication & Electronic equipment

If you wish to be a part of The Great Indian World Trip, just fill in your detalls. We will get in touch with you.
*Mandatory Fields
Vehicle – Our Expedition Vehicle will display sponsor logo as a car sticker throughout the journey, all over the world.

Clothing – Sponsor Logo will be displayed on the merchandise used during the journey.

Website – The website will feature Sponsor logo permanently and will include a description of the company’s activities. A link to the sponsor’s website will also be included.

Social Media – Sponsor Logo will be highlighted on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Our social media forums will be visited by thousands of people all over the world to follow the “The Great Indian World Trip”.

Travel Film – We are in advanced stages of discussion with UTV Bindaas who are keen on making a short film on the journey. The Title Sponsor will be highlighted at the time the show is aired on TV which is bound to give extensive visibility to the Title Sponsor.

Book – Sponsor logo will be included in the book titled "The Great Indian World Trip".

Press and Media Coverage – This journey will attract a lot of media coverage all over the world. The event will be publicized as Sponsor presents The Great Indian World Trip. Your logo will be displayed in the background during all media/press conferences and will be included in stories/blogs written about the journey in newspapers and magazines.

Raw Footage & Image Rights – Your sponsorship investment entitles you to use images and videos taken during our journey for your campaigns