The Great Indian World Trip


The Great Indian World Trip is an incredible story about 2 guys who beat all odds to live their dream of driving all around the world in their own car.

Tushar and Sanjay spent 2 years planning the journey and even after failing to secure enough money, they still decided to to ahead. Incredibly, help kept coming along the way and bit by bit, slowly and steadily they continued progressive and finally after 15 months, they realized their dream of driving 90,000 km through 50 countries in 6 continents!

The book narrates an incredible story of cultures, languages, places, food, fun, difficulties and above all the struggles that they face on this one of a kind journey. They stayed hungry but made sure the fuel tank was always full. They created a Guinness world Record in Australia, drove from Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world in Argentina to Dead Horse, the northern most point of Alaska, They ate a Guinea Pig in Peru.

Crocodile and Ox Balls in Africa, Kangaroo in Australia and many more delicacies in different corners of the world. They learned the Tango Dance on the streets of Argentina, drove on the Death Road, the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia, spent time with Billionaires in Africa and had many more such incredible experience on their 15 month long journey.

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